This year, Patricia Walczak has conceptualized and realized the costume design for the ARD Degeto drama series “Made in Germany”. Produced by Studio Zentral, the project unfolds through diverse narratives, shedding light on various aspects of post-migrant experiences.

Each episode introduces a new main character with a distinct cultural background. What intrigued Patricia about this project was its ability to subvert stereotypes, break down barriers, and foster social dialogue on themes of origin, identity, and equal opportunities. The series is directed by Ozan Mermer, Duc Ngo Ngoc, Anta Helena Recke, and Raquel Stern. Solmaz Azizi, Bastian Asdonk, and Lasse Scharpen serve as producers, with Edgar Derzian as the executive producer. The editing is skillfully handled by Carolin Haasis and Christoph Pellander of ARD Degeto.

The thematic essence of the new series aligns seamlessly with Patricia’s vision for costume design. She has been dedicating considerable effort to exploring the evolving landscape of costume design, aiming to address pertinent contemporary social issues.

Pictured at the top are the leading actresses: Julie Pitsch as JAMILA, Vanessa Yeboah as COUMBA, and Maria Mai Rohmann as ANI.

Main actress of the episode “COUMBA” Vanessa Yeboah, jewelry by Kiala Kanzi > .