“X-Mas on Fire” is a part of the feature film “Deathcember”

director Florian Frerichs | production Warnuts Entertainment | 12 min. as part of 145 min. | 2019

starring Steven E. de Souza, Bruno Eyron, Kai Fung Rieck, Sasha Di Capri, David Burnell, Sharon Brauner, Taryn Nelson Di Capri, Rodney Charles

X-Mas on Fire

A Warnuts Entertainment Production

Co-Produced by

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Written, Produced and Directed by
Florian Frerichs

Co-Produced by
Michael Klante

Co-Produced by
Hubertus Hoffmann

Executive Producers
Dr. Stephan Warnatsch
Bruno Eyron
Tobias Kruppa
Alexander F.L. Bürhaus

Executive Producer
Ralf Moeller

(in order of appearance)
Steven E. de Souza as Mr. Hansom
Bruno Eyron as Mr. White
Kai Fung Rieck as Mr. Yellow
Sasha Di Capri as Mr. Brown
David Burnell IV as Mr. Black
Sharon Brauner as Mrs. Police Singer
Taryn Nelson Di Capri as Martina McClane
Rodney Charles as Mr. Clerk

Director of Photography
Konstantin Freyer

Production Design by
Patricia Walczak

Costume Design by
Itamar Zechoval

Post Production Supervisor
Tobias Kruppa

Music Composed by
Ingo Ludwig Frenzel

Sounddesign by
Matthias Neumann

Edited by
Florian Frerichs

Make Up and Hair by
Lilit Alexandrian

First Assistant Director
Miguel Angelo Pate

Lennard Fiedler
Stephan Warnatsch
Caprice Crawford
Stefanie Reimers
Jamina Frerichs
Tobias Kruppa
Stefan Dirscherl
Friederike Dirscherl
Miguel Angelo Pate
Gesche Siebke
Patricia Hase
Tobias Barthel
James Barthel

Stunts, SFX and Weapons by
Martin Goeres

Unit Manager
Axel Loh

Camera Operator
Lars-Kjeld Riedel

Steady-Cam Operator
Yoshua Berkovitz

Crane Operator
Marc Hennicke

1st AC
Nils Koppenbrink

2nd AC
Otis Witt

Daniel Mock

Script Supervisor
Andrea Hansen
Eva Lechner

Sound Recordist
Tobias Rüther

Boom Operator
Max Hachemeister

Martin Deubel

Hendrik Kintscher
Timo Benacqva
Fanny Burkhardt
Arne Weiß

Key Grip
Thomas Hofmann

SFX Technicians
Johara Raukamp
Max Krämer
Lion David Bogus

Oscar Meyer Ricks

Stefan Günther

Assistant Set Designer
Stefano Caronna

Logo Designs by
(former name: Studio Bazaczek)

Assistant Set Designers Police Station
Monika Frerichs & Kerstin Bauer

Art Department Trainee
Emil Stege

Assistant Costume Designer
Sophia Kim Vester

Make Up Artist
Nils Blumreiter

Stills by
Andrea Hansen

Making of directed by
Dominik Hermanns

Mix, Foleys and Sound Edit by
Matthias Neumann

Craft Service by
Gourmet Schlitten

Additional Unit Manager
Alexander Scheer

Additional Assistant Director
Lukas Halblitzel

Police Car by
Norman Ludwig

Junk Car by
Autoverwertung MRJ

Gerd Frerichs

Storyboards by
Danny Pate

Moodboards by
Kaleb Lechowski

VFX Supervisor
Tobias Kruppa

Birger Schirrmeister
Mustafa Haideri
Tobias Kruppa

CG Artist
Tom Stempnierwsky

Title Cards by
Tristan Wheeler

Equipment provided by
Cinegate Berlin

Camera provided by

Lenses provided by

Mobile DIT Equipment provided by

Edited at
X-Ray Productions

Mixed at
Hermes Synchron

Color Correction at
Cine Chromatix

Locations by
Studio Babelsberg

Script translated by
Nina Coon

With deep gratitude for their ongoing support, we would like to thank
Christoph Fisser
Charlie Woebcken
Eike Wolf
Tilo Meuser
Gerd & Monika Frerichs
Christian Wunder
Ufuk Genc
Janosch Benz
Daniel Moeck
Michael Schreinert
Christoph Schreinert
Heinz Ratzinger
Caprice Crawford
Andreas Putzmann
Catherine Klante

We would like to thank the following companies for their support
Sheraton Berlin
Lux Momentum
Bespoke Avenue Berlin
Delicatessen Requisiten Fundus
Requisiten Fundus Studio Babelsberg
NYC Berlin
Actisio Mobile Communication
Zodiac Security
Dandy of the Grotesque
Bruderkuss Gin
Modest Ape


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